Autistic People Review Foods (All about food aversion)

The quotes used in this post were inspired by quotes made on a post by Kristy Forbes that hilariously describe food aversions.

Food aversion is a part of sensory processing disorder, and in real life isn’t quite as funny as these posts. Food aversion manifests through our senses of taste, smell, and touch.

It can derive from texture issues, strong smell, just plain taste, and even sight.

Texture issues are one of the primary examples you might see. I struggle to eat eggs because of the rubbery texture. I think a lot of issues have to do with a signal going off in our brains that tells us something is not right. I can have a hard time eating cheese that looks too rubbery. It’s just stuck in my head at that point.

Our imaginations can be so strong that they affect our quality of life.

Also, imagine cheese dipped in chocolate. Bacon sundaes. Things that, even to a neurotypical, seem gross together even if you like them individually. That can be why some of us avoid certain foods- not enjoying the mixture of flavors or textures. Also why many autistic kids and adults don’t like food touching on their plates.

One more example I’ll bring forward is the effect of scent on what we eat.

I loved grilled cheese as a kid, until one day I was playing upstairs and I could smell the cheese burning on the pan. I vomited from the smell, and developed an aversion to melted cheese until I was almost a teen.

These issues should be taken seriously, despite my comical pictures. Some of us can “stomach” (pun intended) food we dislike, but others may actually vomit or have bad adverse reactions.

Please trust the people in your life about their food preferences. I’m not saying only feed your kid ice cream, but please don’t force them to eat foods they are adverse to.

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The Autistic Alien

My name is CJ. As of December 2019, I am 28 and use she/her pronouns. I consider myself to be an activist and care deeply about the intersectional rights of human beings. I've created this blog because I felt that there is still much stigma and misinformation about autism, and a lack of resources for autistic adults. I was diagnosed with Asperger's (now a subcategory of Autism Spectrum Disorder in the DSM-V) at age 12 and have come a long way since then to understand myself and others. Other than blogging, I enjoy reading, adventuring, and being around animals.

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